Tweeten up your world with Twitter!

Twitter is an easy and effective marketing tool.  Here are some basics…

A few months ago I started researching this system and I soon started my own Twitter account (  I thought I would leave you with some resources that can encourage you to get involved as this is a GREAT tool.

The basic form of Twitter allows you to open a FREE on line account to broadcast text messages.  Individuals join Twitter (for free) and set up their accounts.  They then opt to become “followers” of various Twitter accounts in order to stay up to date on things.

For instance, I am love border collies!


Here are my three little helpers.

Being a border collie fan, I went into Twitter and found the (very nice) New England Border Collie Rescue site ( and they have this Twitter account:   Of COURSE I joined right away!  Even though they are in New England and I am in Western Colorado, they will send out border collie information that I may be interested in.  Training hints, shows, dog stories, etc.  All this stuff is interesting to me.  And to others.  As soon as they Tweet this info, I get a message.  I am sure this is an important part of NEBCR’s outreach.  They have 200 followers as of this post…but some Twitter accounts have hundreds of THOUSANDS of followers…hmmmm… this system going away?  Do you think you should you ignore it???

Amplifying that concept, I have to ask you this: Are you involved with a company, club, school, church, business, non profit, community, fund raiser, cause, product or ANYTHING that others would find interesting?  If your answer is YES, then you MUST open a Twitter account!  Do It Now (read through the links, below, first).  Twitter is NOT going away and with each week it grows larger and is more effective.  Get on board!

Of course there are other social networking opportunities out there (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) that you should also get involved with.  Remember, a good marketing plan must now include web sites, brochures, twitter, networking, catalogs, PURL campaigns, etc.  None are effective on their own…but together they can be very strong force.  Plus, some are FREE (like Twitter).

Here is what to do next:

1) Read the links, below, and get a handle on this stuff
2) If you have not already done this: open a Twitter account!!!
4) Send me your link to your Twitter so I can follow you!!

Keep me posted on your success!


Here are links for you to read through and think about:

Final food for thought: I am NOT a big Instant Message fan.  I don’t use it much but that puts me in the minority.  A few months ago I talked to a friend of mine and his neighbor’s teen age daughter racked up 7,800 Instant Messages on her phone in ONE MONTH!!  What kind of life is that?? Anyway, this is a rather extreme example but many studies show that this form of communication is not going away and, just because I don’t use it, does not mean it should not be seriously explored as a direct marketing tool.  Even if I didn’t use it regularly, I am guessing many of your prospects and clients are in the age/gender/demographic group that DOES instant messaging…this could be a great way to stay in touch with them!

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