I have become “Digitally Green”

Getting comfortable with the sustainable features of digital offset printing.

So you are totally stoked about the seemingly endless list of Greenology features that Colorado Printing brings to your press run with our traditional print communication tools. It’s true, from paper options to low, low VOCs to make ready savings there is a stunning array of things that most presses do not offer.

Now let’s look at your becoming "Digitally Green".

Here is a quick list of the sustainable efforts that digital printing brings to the table. First of all, we do offer papers on the digital press that are, indeed, made of recycled material. As with our Heidelberg perfector presses, this is an option that you and your client may consider. As with many recycled content substrates, these papers are offered at a competitive price that may surprise you.

The other Greenology features of digital print communication are as radical as is this technology. For instance, a standard mailhouse project that you may be considering could use literally tons of paper and resources. If it is SUCCESSFUL it will likely yield about a 1% to 1.5% return. A successful digital print run using targeted variable data technology can yield up to 30% returns. So, if your intention is to effectively reach 200 respondents with a mailing campaign, a traditional effort would mean you would need to print and mail 10,000 pieces. That same campaign, presented with variable data would need only 800 pieces (considering a 20% response).

This sort of green savings translates into (much) less paper, less ink, less postage resources, less pieces being thrown out, etc. Again, a radically different way of looking at a traditional process.

Still, these sorts of savings are only possible with one major ingredient in the recipe: EFFORT. You can not expect these sorts of returns, green or otherwise, from simply buying or renting a mailing list and jumping into the game. These returns are gleaned from careful list management that begins at your keyboards. Careful and meticulous data base gathering and maintenance are solid gold in an effective variable data project. You can not expect a 20% return with a 1% effort. This process is a lot like farming. If you don’t plant, weed, feed and maintain your garden, you will not get juicy results. And from a green perspective, your garden will also likely wither.

For more information on this sort of variable data and effective targeting you may want to check out Seth Godin’s book "Permission Marketing". It is easy to find and, like most of his work, very enlightening…and it really works if you actually DO these things! While this book is a great study in getting and keeping target market partners, its effectiveness can also have an impact on the greenology of your garden and growth that goes way beyond substrate contents.

Questions? Please email me at DRickman @ ColoradoPrinting.com or call me at 970-250-6749

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