Mohawk Options could be a great paper option for you!

Know More Right Now

About Mohawk Options

Mohawk Papers have been around for a long, long time. Many have enjoyed projects printed on their products and one of those products is their OPTIONS line.

Here are a just a FEW things you will like about this great paper:

It is available in MANY lines…from a 100% PC White to “natural” finishes.

  1. ALL of the Options papers are VERY, VERY green.
  2. Options LOOKS like a very high end uncoated finish but it PRINTS like a coated stock. In other words, we can use our highest line screens on this paper and it still has ink hold out that allows the ink to stay on the SURFACE and not soak in. This Mohawk finish is known as
  3. Inxwell and it truly performs great with inks!
  4. It is available to run on our TRADITIONAL offset presses and our DIGITAL offset press.
  5. We are getting GREAT prices on it so you can test out a boutique look sheet at nearly house sheet prices.
  6. Options is available (in certain lines) immediately…no waiting for delivery.
  7. It is available in text and cover weights.
  8. It is available in smooth and velum finishes.

I have swatch books and printed samples I can send you…just send me an email at and off they go!

Here is Mohawk’s web site for you to explore:

Have a question or need me to research something? Then please email me at or call me at 970-250-6749 and I will get back to you!

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