Market, train and demo at…it’s FREE…an amazing FREE web site

Basically, uTIPu allows you to capture your screen activity while you record verbal instructions. Anything that hits your screen is recorded for playback.

You then upload the stored session to your FREE account and then invite/allow others to view.

This is a GREAT tool that lets you:

* Show clients how to log into a program
* Help with new student orientation programs
* Walk computer newbies through power point (type) presentations
* Introduce folks to a new software upgrade
* Show employees how to navigate an input screen
* Show customers how to order products from your ecom site
* Showcase a new web site
* …it even records video playbacks!

It’s kind of like “YouTube meets GoToMeeting”

Give it a try! I am using it to show my clients how to navigate our CPC Web2Print store front so they can easily order products…and I have quite a few other ideas I am cooking up and will be emailing to you soon.

Please send me your ideas for how you (can/will) use this product as I am curious as to how you can make it productive for your needs.

Have a great August and I hope this info helps make it even more profitable!


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