Matures most interested in going green

Study: Matures most interested in going green

April, 2009

Here is an interesting article I found. See the link at the bottom of this page.

Green may be a big buzzword on the news and in watercooler conversations, but a new study from Generate Insight consumers may be talking about going green but only a few are actually taking action. Researchers found that Mature consumers (age 55+) are actually most likely to ‘always recycle’.

by Kristina Knight

The study found that more than 89% of Mature consumers always recycle followed by 69% of Gen X consumers (age 26-40) and 67% of Boomers (age 41-55). Surprisingly Millenials (age 17-25) are least likely to recycle at 58%, even though they are the most likely generation to have always heard about green issues. Mature consumers are also more likely to pay more for eco-friendly packaging (44%) and to be influenced by the eco-impact of packaging (75%).

Consumers find the most eco-friendly packaging to be glass containers, aluminum cans, bulk products and recycled packaging. The least eco-friendly packages were believed to be anything ‘single-serve’, most toy packaging, hard-plastic bottles and plastic foam.

How can brands promote their eco-friendliness in the best ways?

The study suggests beginning and continuing two-way social dialogues online in the form of social networking profiles, focusing information on the environmental attributes of a product, offering coupons for ‘green goods’ and cross-promoting green campaigns.

Other interesting findings:

• Less than half of Millenials believe they can make a difference with green initiatives
• 71% of teens report they would choose less expensive products over products/brands who ‘give back’ to the environment
• Millenials believe green products require too much effort or are not convenient


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