Photo Know #004

Photo Know #004

Here are the images for Photo Know #4:

The Vole Holes

A LOT of people guessed at what made these holes…aliens, spiders, toads, my WIFE, snakes, etc.  HOWEVER, in fact, they made by are VOLES!

Here is a VOLE:

We see them in the winter on occasion…burrowing around in the snow.  Apparently, they like to dig down from time to time to eat a root or a bug.  Then it’s back to the snow for more burrowing and digging.  Ours must have repeated this two dozen times.

Our winner is Nancy of  Western Colorado!  She sent me lots of documentation (as did others supporting their theories) but her evidence was indisputable!

Thank you Nancy!  You win the bird feeder!

PS: More holes appeared yesterday…apparently this vole has not yet met Mr. Owl or Miss Coyote or Miss Hawk or the Stray Cats!  That should not take much longer.  Poor little vole….

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