QR Codes Are Here!

If you don’t know what this is for:
Then KEEP READING!  We are seeing more and more of these pop up in our print and marketing projects.  They are called “QR” codes (for “QUICK READ”).  They are a universal code.  Each one represents a web address, email addresss, v-card info, etc.

You BUILD THEM for free at places like this: http://www.QRStuff.com

You POST THEM on anything from emails to billboards (make sure they are big enough to view easily.  These should be at least 2″ square).

You  READ them with an app you download to your droid, blackberry or Iphone and, once read, your device reacts accordingly…sending you to a web site, a shopping cart, digesting and storing contact info, etc.

Learn MUCH more about these hereL http://www.QRSTuff.com or just google QR codes.

If you are already using QR codes, please email me and let us know what cool ideas you have come up with!

Thank you!



One response to “QR Codes Are Here!

  1. QR is actually short for Quick Response 🙂

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