Stochastic 10 Micron, 2nd Order

Stochastic 10 Micron, 2nd Order is a radical improvement over standard line screen.

First of all, a picture is worth thousands of words so, below you see the comparison between a standard of 250 Halftone Line Screen and Stochastic 10 Micron, 2nd Order:

These are UNTOUCHED (scanned) versions of the comparisons…I thought you would like to see the results!   The center image is the actual size as scanned from a 7 x 5 original card printed via Stochastic.

This card was printed on Kromekote C12 (10 Pt) with a high gloss aqueous flood.

The difference between the two types of printing relies on the technology of how the plates are processed and, subsequently, how the ink is transferred to the sheet on press.

Our new Stochastic process allows the following benefits on coated stocks:

1) No screen angle moire patterns (notice the center image, above…no patterns at all on this image…and none on the “original” either),
2) No rosettes
3) Near “photographic” look
4) More tone and color stability
5) Larger color gamut (actually more color than halftone offers)
6) Faster drying time
7) An ADDITIONAL 10% – 15% reduction in ink usage (over our savings at 250 Line Screen (halftone).

Please call me for details!

Thank you!


PS: Thanks to Latitudes North for the use of the above image.  Latitude North’s wonderful cards are available at or by contacting Linda at or at 800-742-8557

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