New, Cool DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS are now available

OK…you just opened up that box of fresh print marketing material.

Your catalog looks great!  The phone rings and a client needs to see it…not tomorrow or next week..but RIGHT NOW!  Hey…what to do?

If you had also DIGITALLY published that same catalog, you could send them a link to the thing and they could flip through the piece on line…complete with links, vids, e commerce opportunities, zooming, down-loadable pdfs and even sticky notes!

Here is a quick legend of all the things available on this system…a simple screen capture with some notes I made…

Screen capture of our digital publishing software

Click on these next links to see some examples.  One is a simple four page brochure and the other is a larger catalog.

Steamboat Village Partners

Perry Mansfield Performing Arts

Notice how these can be used with ANYTHING you print with us…from a rack card to a perfect bound book.

CONTACT ME and let’s talk about how this can help you market your projects more effectively.


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