Quick Quiz Question 005

Quick Quiz Question 004Q: How fast can CPC sheet paper?


A: This is an interesting question and the answer could surprise you!

CPC purchases most of their paper in huge rolls.  These rolls, most of which are FSC certified and contain 10% recycled content, can weigh over a ton

each and are trucked to us primarily from domestic paper mills in the USA (Minnesota, to be exact).  Once we have the paper in our warehouse we must “sheet” it or “convert” it to standard sizes tuned to our Heidelberg presses.  This process saves resources and costs as we do not have to rely on a paper mill to deliver boxes and boxes of paper to our facility. 

These rolls stay on our floor until they are needed and then they are fed through our Maxson paper sheeter to produce the press sheets we need in production.  Up to four rolls can be spindled on the sheeter at the same time.

So, the answer to the question is, that when every thing is running perfectly, this unit fully loaded has the ability to sheet at about thirty miles of paper paper every hour!

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