Amazing QR Code Ideas

Did you know QR codes are being used for MANY things beyond simple redirects to domains and web pages?

Follow these links to see some of these ideas and how very easy it is to transform your marketing ideas into fun , useful, unique and profitable resources.  I will try to add to this list as I find more ideas…email me with links or ideas you know of that can help others get a handle on this cool technology!

21 QR Marketing ideas you might have missed

7 Good ideas near the middle of this page (and good links too)

50 More ideas…count ’em

Realtors, click for these ideas

2 responses to “Amazing QR Code Ideas

  1. hey there- cheers for the link (21 QR Marketing ideas you might have missed) – glad you found it useful….we had great fun looking into all the ideas!

    • Hello Carley!

      Thank you for your blessings on this link! You have a lot of great info on your site…if you ever need to do any printing, direct mail, etc here in the USA please contact me! I work with clients in the UK (in fact, I have a job in the shop right now for a UK client).

      Thanks again!


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