Open Source, of COURSE!

I torture test and use a ton of software…some people might even call me a “geek” (what do they know?!?!).  From apps for my Droid phone to software on my laptop and even some “cloud” technologies that link the two devices, I am always on the hunt for productive and useful  software.

For many years I have used a lot of “freeware” and I have watched as “open source” software has become more and more sophisticated.  MUCH of this software are products you can use in your office and at home…and often looks and acts like the original products (except that MOST of it is free or donation driven).

Here are a couple of links to get you started with open source software.  I have used Inkscape, Open Office, Gimp, Firefox, Thunderbird, to name a few.  Please email me back if you are using freeware or open source software…I am always interested in new ideas!

From Wikipedia:
List of open source packages
Open Source alternatives to Proprietary Software

2 responses to “Open Source, of COURSE!

  1. Hey Dean

    I forget, are you on a Mac?

    I’ve been using open source apps for years, including all five you mentioned. Here are some more:

    7z, File compression. Command line only.
    wget, command line http and ftp file downloader
    sane (Scanner Access Now Easy) scanner interface for Gimp
    XQuartz, the open-source basis of the Mac X.11 applications tool.
    TeX, text formatting and typesetting (programming skills required.)
    VLC (VideoLan Media Player)
    ffmpeg (audio and video converter)
    AVG Link Scanner. Surfing security. Free for Mac. Pay for Windows.
    Voodoo Pad, keep stuff you need to remember in a semi-structured hierarchal database and sync info with your iPhone.
    port, Mac Ports command line interface.

    What is Mac Ports? Not all open source applications written for Linux can be downloaded and compiled on a Mac without slight tweaks. Mac Ports provides those tweaks in a one stop shop/maintain environment. There is also an app.

    Plus, there are a ton of pdf related applications so you don’t have to pay Adobe for Acrobat.

    These applications save time and money. Some learning curves are steep, but if you do the kind of work frequently, then they are real productivity tools.

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