And the winners are…

OK.  The big pet photo contest is over.  What a great response!  Thank you all for playing.  There were many photos and many “categories”.  But, in this competition and at THIS LEVEL of competition, only the amazing prevail.  So…the winners are as follows:

CATEGORY: Best Furry Friend Photo
Dusty and Jacks

KaLean Writes: Playin’ chase after the BIG snowstorm in December 2009!!  Oh such fun!!

CATEGORY: Best Wet Friend Photo
PET NAME: Jim Porker

Lida writes on behalf of Jim:  Howdy Dean, I understand that you have an interest in planting lavender. I taught Lida and figure that if I can mentor her, I can mentor you. Amphibians have used it for centuries to freshen their castles around the globe. Lavender Infused Brine Shrimp is a culinary favorite of mine. Then there’s the Lavender Rosemary Honey Scrub for those days when you need an exfoliant as well as moisturizer. One plant, endless possibilities. Keep me posted regarding your interests. Sincerely, Jim Porker PS: Does not pair well with frog legs…

Editor’s note: As of this posting Jim Porker is 22 years old(!).  Lida reports that she got it for a science fair project for her kids two decades ago…Jim arrived at her home in an envelope.  How could he NOT win this division??

CATEGORY: Best Dry Friend Photo
WINNER: Jody of the West
PET: Rocky

Jody writes: This is my pet. His name is Rocky and I found him in Boulder.  He was resting in the middle of a road.  Seemed very likely, that he had been kicked around for hours and just exhausted.  Unfortunately, I was unable to take his sister, pebbles, as she was just too small.  Actually, between you and I, she seemed a little hard headed and I don’t need a high maintenance pet that gives me problems.Rocky has been a good and loyal friend, although when he glares at me or gives me the side eye it can freak me out and make me angry. He tends to scratch things, but sheds very little.

One response to “And the winners are…

  1. Although he expressed little emotion, Rocky seems thrilled. I think the shock left him stone faced. Thank you to the academy and all of the nominee’s.

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