What is this thing??

(see below)

Think you know?  Email me at deanrickman@yahoo.com and tell me what you think!  You are SO SMART!  You MIGHT win a cool prize!  When we award the prize I will post the correct answer in this blob post.  Careful!  The correct answer may also give away your AGE!


Donna M has won the contest and a copy of THIS book:

The correct answer is a BURNISHER (from Letraset).

You see…back in the OLD DAYS (1980’s), just after MOLTEN LEAD and before DIGITAL, letters (for lay out) were transferred from a sheet of plastic to paper.  This tool was the burnisher used for this sort of thing…it was made by Letraset (as were the sheets of letters).  To learn more about this historic technology, visit this site:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letraset

or this site: http://www.letraset.com/

3 responses to “What is this thing??

  1. Cuticle cutter

  2. a caligraphy pen

  3. Too hard. Need a hint.

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