Paper Truth

It is time to learn about the foundation of a typical sheet of paper used in offset printing.  Here is a quick study of paper, its coating and how it deals with ink.  Matte through Gloss and even uncoated, this addresses the what and why of ink hold out…an important reality in the world of resolution and print clarity.

There is a ton of information on this image….click on the image to enlarge it.  THEN read it..first to yourself and then to others.  Read it aloud at dinner tonight or on the bus tomorrow.  Most people will probably think you are a little odd but that is because most won’t know ANY of this stuff. Soon their fear will turn into fascination. But before you get TOO ahead of yourself, please familiarize yourself with the posting on this blog at this link as that post goes hand in hand with this post! CLICK HERE


Here is a page from Sappi that describes a few more of these details.

Have fun!  Call if you have any questions!

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