Business cards are still alive and well

I recently attended a large trade show in Florida. Hundreds of vendors, thousands of attendees, acres of floor space.

I was amazed at how powerful the simple business card was at this convention and how it has maintained its relevance in the world in the world of trade shows. etc.  Most people had a stack of them in their pocket or briefcase.  Very few scanned mine with their smart phone (even though mine was sporting a QR code!).  Most people were happy to take a copy of one of mine. 

You would think in a place like Orlando, in 2014, I would be laughed at for even thinking of having business cards with me!

Then the other day I found this very interesting story posted in the Wall Street Journal.  As the author states “the only thing worse than handing over business cards is not having any to hand over.”

Here is a link that can help you navigate the VERY CONFUSING world of a very tiny piece of paper:

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