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Cool Door Post Cards!

One door or six?
Post cards or announcements?
Variable Data or generic?

Here is one of the coolest and EFFECTIVE things you can use to introduce a new product or announce an offer.   These 8.5″ x 5.5″  THICK cards  (.0023″) are perforated to open with a big door or six windows… Look!  Hidden message under the door(s) !




Since these are variable data cards you can even mix up the messages…or hide targeted and variable photos under the doors (great for an art opening or a CONTEST!).  SICK (as my nephew says).

Very reasonable with the REACH of an orangutan!

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A simple light lesson

The other day we had a bulb replaced in the office:

The above image was taken just after we had a new bulb replaced.  Both pillars are painted the SAME COLOR yet the two different fluorescent bulbs totally tweaked the color of the paint…one looks almost white and the other (closer one) is more of a tan.

Remember this when you consider and examine your print projects.  Usually you have no idea what light the project will use when being viewed.  Daylight to incandescent lighting is a HUGE jump in reflective color.  Not everyone will look at that brochure under ideal conditions (and some are color blind too…).

Font-tastic information

I am not sure if you have ever visited but, if you have not…you should!  Go get a cup of coffee and poke around the site…there you will find a TON of information specifically for the graphic arts world.

Ilene's Book

One article in particular caught my eye that was written by Ilene Strizver.  Ilene is an expert on fonts and it you may want to check out her columns at and maybe even get her book, Type Rules.

But first, please read this post by her and inventory your font world and find deep meaning in these truths!  TypeTalk: Five Typographic No-Nos

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Here comes the Mail Chimp!

Since I started this blog I have tried a number of methods to send out email blasts announcing new posts. For the past two years I have used my Thunderbird account with an add on that incorporates a mail merge function.  While Thunderbird works (“functions”) it simply is not sophisticated enough to carry out the duties of a full blown and feature-fat email marketing product.

About a month ago, a customer and I were discussing her email marketing needs and I directed her to…a site I had used before and one with which I have always been very impressed.  I started thinking about this system and decided it was time I too used MailChimp.

So in the coming months your KnowMore emails will start arriving via my new MailChimp account!  I am looking forward to using this new program and appreciate your feedback.

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Cool (inexpensive) Key Card Holder

A few weeks ago a customer asked me for some help with brainstorming an economical alternative to a key card holder. These projects are usually die cut and, as such, can be costly.  He was on a budget so I suggested this inexpensive, quick and elegant idea.

Super simple, it employs a short fold and then a basic letter fold.  The card stays in place without glue or slits…a simple and secure pocket is formed with three easy folds.  Here are some things to think about if you are going to try this:

1) Use a TEXT weight paper…preferably an 80# or 100# weight.  Anything thicker will cause the folds to bunch up.
2) Notice that you can include a perf that would allow for coupons or ticket stubs.
3) Of course you should print on the front and the back (!).  A cool advantage is that the pocket on this project folds down to reveal the INSIDE of the pocket…this is an area that standard “pocket folders” can’t really use.  So you get more bang for your marketing buck!
4) Any size sheet will work.  This one lays flat at 8.5″ x 11″ but fool around with other sizes!
5) Need a THICKER version??  Possibly as a substitute for a “REAL” pocket folder??  Well, you will need to relive the inevitable bunching of the folds which will involve a die cut.  BUT it will not need to be glued so you will save some $$$ using this style of a “folder”.  CALL me or email me at and I will show you how this is done!

Amazing QR Code Ideas

Did you know QR codes are being used for MANY things beyond simple redirects to domains and web pages?

Follow these links to see some of these ideas and how very easy it is to transform your marketing ideas into fun , useful, unique and profitable resources.  I will try to add to this list as I find more ideas…email me with links or ideas you know of that can help others get a handle on this cool technology!

21 QR Marketing ideas you might have missed

7 Good ideas near the middle of this page (and good links too)

50 More ideas…count ’em

Realtors, click for these ideas


We have covered a ton of inside info with the Dy-Na-Mo series…please reference the Dy-Na-Mo categories on the right.

As a follow up, CPC has published this VDP guide for your reference.

You can view it as a cool digital publication here:

Or, download the pdf file here: CPC_VDP