Photo Know #001

Here is the image:

PhotoKnow_001 Here is what this is:

The image is of Spaceship 1 and White Knight and you can see more images of it here:

A few years ago, I just HAPPENED to be in Albuquerque at the airport when this plane landed for fuel!  They were flying it to the Oshkosh Fly In and then on to Washington for its final home at the Smithsonian.

The cool prize went to Jen of Colorado who was the first to identify the shot.  She won a nice set of handmade note cards from Artist Jan Rickman (hey…that’s my wife!).

One response to “Photo Know #001

  1. They are very nice cards indeed! Please tell you wife thank you, the prize is very appreciated and some very special people on my mailing list will be very happy!

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