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What the heck is an Uncompahgre??

Fresh off one of our Heidelbers!  

A very nice book:

This is a book by Jeff Burch and Don Paulson and features beautiful images from the Uncompahgre (un . come . PA . gray) region and features the many peaks that are in the headwaters of the Uncompahgre River and all around Ouray, Colorado.  Many of these images are labeled and there are many great stories in the book that explain the origins of these peaks’ names.

Typical labeled page. There are ten crossover pages similar to this with accurate labels of the peaks in each vista!

The book is a 52 page, landscape, 11″ x 8.5″ perfect bound limited edition.  The cover features our soft touch aqueous finish.  The entire book is printed at Stochastic 18 Micron V-2 (375 linescreen) on our Heidleberg 8 color perfecting press.  The book is printed on our (award winning) House matte paper stock and the interior pages each have a flood aqueous coating.

Learn more about the book at Jeff’s web site, where you can also purchase your own copy!

One of many images featured in the work.


Quick Quiz Question 002




Q: How many homes can be powered with the same amount of energy used by the average data center?

A: 25,000 (as in Twenty Five THOUSAND)*

Very often people make the mistake of thinking an on line magazine or catalog is somehow “greener” than a printed version.  They don’t stop to consider the whole picture…including the tremendous amount of electrical energy used to power the many data centers that not only constantly store this information but also transfer it to the end user.

Indeed, the volume of data being created and stored (yes…I know…including this blog!) on “web server farms” is staggering.  By the end of 2011 the US Dept of Energy estimates that the total amount of energy consumed in these server farms in the US will be over 106 BILLION kWh.  That is up from 61 kWh in 2006.  By contrast, the average home in the US uses about 18,000 kWh per year.

Now…obviously not all that energy is used for on line magazine and catalog storage but it is important to think through sustainable ideas before committing to a marketing plan.

* SOURCE: McKinsey & Company

Quick Quiz Question 001

How many tons of paper does CPC recycle every month?

Q: How many tons of paper does CPC recycle every month?

A: 90 Tons of paper are recycled at CPC each month.

This is paper that is trimmed from our bindery department, make ready paper, office paper…in fact just about every scrap is baled and recycled in the tissue industry.

Visit this blog post to learn more about our recycling efforts

My customers are starting to use paper made of STONE

Why this hot new product is here at the right time.

We are now printing on paper made of STONE!

It’s TRUE! This “paper” is a new product that is tough as nails, is water resistant, is tear resistant and we are are finding that our clients are discovering many uses for this sort of material. It is actually made from limestone dust and resin…and is marketed as being “tree free” (which is true…NO trees are used to manufacture this…and very little water, if any).

Here are some creative ideas for its use:

  • Business cards (for extreme conditions…mud, snow, rain, gardening, construction, fabricating, etc)
    NOTE: we actually offer this as an option in our Web2Print storefront.
  • “Waterproof” magazines (I saw one that was printed for use at a spa pool. Read it underwater, if you like!)
  • Maps (fishing maps, ATV routes, trail maps, etc)
  • Menus (just wipe off that ketchup and it is as good as new!)
  • Plus Cover magazine and catalog covers (yes, we can inkjet on it for mailing)
  • Cool vibe post cards (they are very tear resistant…great insurance for getting them through the USPS system)

Here are a few more of its features:

  • It prints just like any coated or uncoated stock…in fact, it has a luxurious, almost velvet surface and feel to it.
  • It is very white and takes standard inks perfectly (including our 250 line screen…very sharp).
  • It is very opaque.
  • It can be stitched as a cover on a catalog and can also be perfect bound.
  • You can flood coat it…recommended on pieces that have heavy ink coverage!
  • Die cutting and gluing are not a problem.
  • It recycles as a PLASTIC, not a paper.
  • It does NOT need “hard dry inks”. We use our standard inks that dry in a normal amount of time.
  • It is much less expensive than other synthetic papers that require hard dry inks AND weeks of drying time.

The product is called “Ultra Green Film” and it is available in these formats:

  • 12 x 18 (For use on our digital offset press)
  • 28 x 40 (For use on our Heidelberg offset presses)

..and it comes in five thicknesses:

  • 5.5 Mil
  • 8 Mil
  • 12 Mil
  • 16 Mil*
  • 20 Mil

* We stock the 12 x 18, 16 Mil for use on the Digital Press.

SO YOU KNOW, we also carry these new and cool substrates for our digital offset press:

  • Low Peel/Repositional Vinyl: 4 Mil: Wall graphics, window signage, calendars, promotional information
  • Window Cling Vinyl: 8 Mil: Interior mounted decals, window signage, display cases
  • Rigid Vinyl: 10 Mil: good for indoor signs, point of purchase displays, wire-o book covers
  • Ultra Synthetic Paper: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 20 Mil: Plant tags, Menus, etc
  • ..and MANY other long and short run substrate solutions for your marketing needs!

Questions? Please email me at DRickman @ ColoradoPrinting.com or call me at 970-250-6749

Matures most interested in going green

Study: Matures most interested in going green

April, 2009

Here is an interesting article I found. See the link at the bottom of this page.

Green may be a big buzzword on the news and in watercooler conversations, but a new study from Generate Insight consumers may be talking about going green but only a few are actually taking action. Researchers found that Mature consumers (age 55+) are actually most likely to ‘always recycle’.

by Kristina Knight

The study found that more than 89% of Mature consumers always recycle followed by 69% of Gen X consumers (age 26-40) and 67% of Boomers (age 41-55). Surprisingly Millenials (age 17-25) are least likely to recycle at 58%, even though they are the most likely generation to have always heard about green issues. Mature consumers are also more likely to pay more for eco-friendly packaging (44%) and to be influenced by the eco-impact of packaging (75%).

Consumers find the most eco-friendly packaging to be glass containers, aluminum cans, bulk products and recycled packaging. The least eco-friendly packages were believed to be anything ‘single-serve’, most toy packaging, hard-plastic bottles and plastic foam.

How can brands promote their eco-friendliness in the best ways?

The study suggests beginning and continuing two-way social dialogues online in the form of social networking profiles, focusing information on the environmental attributes of a product, offering coupons for ‘green goods’ and cross-promoting green campaigns.

Other interesting findings:

• Less than half of Millenials believe they can make a difference with green initiatives
• 71% of teens report they would choose less expensive products over products/brands who ‘give back’ to the environment
• Millenials believe green products require too much effort or are not convenient

Source: http://www.bizreport.com/2009/05/study_matures_most_interested_in_going_green.html

Questions? Please email me at DRickman @ ColoradoPrinting.com or call me at 970-250-6749