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Paper Truth

It is time to learn about the foundation of a typical sheet of paper used in offset printing.  Here is a quick study of paper, its coating and how it deals with ink.  Matte through Gloss and even uncoated, this addresses the what and why of ink hold out…an important reality in the world of resolution and print clarity.

There is a ton of information on this image….click on the image to enlarge it.  THEN read it..first to yourself and then to others.  Read it aloud at dinner tonight or on the bus tomorrow.  Most people will probably think you are a little odd but that is because most won’t know ANY of this stuff. Soon their fear will turn into fascination. But before you get TOO ahead of yourself, please familiarize yourself with the posting on this blog at this link as that post goes hand in hand with this post! CLICK HERE


Here is a page from Sappi that describes a few more of these details.

Have fun!  Call if you have any questions!


Coffee + Paper = DISASTER (but not always!)

Do you need a paper that is resistant to water, peach juice, coffee, milk, rain, sweat, tea, watermelon, mud, ketchup, snow, tears, soap and many other liquids?  Click on this animated GIF presentation to learn more!

I know…I have talked about Ultra Green before and am committed to torturing it as often as possible.  Today it’s a spilled coffee test (click here to see how I fed my horse on this stuff this past summer).

Be so happy that this sort of product is available…next test: I am going to put some Ultra Green under water for a MONTH!  I will be dunking it in the Gunnison River and will report back!

What the heck is an Uncompahgre??

Fresh off one of our Heidelbers!  

A very nice book:

This is a book by Jeff Burch and Don Paulson and features beautiful images from the Uncompahgre (un . come . PA . gray) region and features the many peaks that are in the headwaters of the Uncompahgre River and all around Ouray, Colorado.  Many of these images are labeled and there are many great stories in the book that explain the origins of these peaks’ names.

Typical labeled page. There are ten crossover pages similar to this with accurate labels of the peaks in each vista!

The book is a 52 page, landscape, 11″ x 8.5″ perfect bound limited edition.  The cover features our soft touch aqueous finish.  The entire book is printed at Stochastic 18 Micron V-2 (375 linescreen) on our Heidleberg 8 color perfecting press.  The book is printed on our (award winning) House matte paper stock and the interior pages each have a flood aqueous coating.

Learn more about the book at Jeff’s web site, where you can also purchase your own copy!

One of many images featured in the work.

Cool (inexpensive) Key Card Holder

A few weeks ago a customer asked me for some help with brainstorming an economical alternative to a key card holder. These projects are usually die cut and, as such, can be costly.  He was on a budget so I suggested this inexpensive, quick and elegant idea.

Super simple, it employs a short fold and then a basic letter fold.  The card stays in place without glue or slits…a simple and secure pocket is formed with three easy folds.  Here are some things to think about if you are going to try this:

1) Use a TEXT weight paper…preferably an 80# or 100# weight.  Anything thicker will cause the folds to bunch up.
2) Notice that you can include a perf that would allow for coupons or ticket stubs.
3) Of course you should print on the front and the back (!).  A cool advantage is that the pocket on this project folds down to reveal the INSIDE of the pocket…this is an area that standard “pocket folders” can’t really use.  So you get more bang for your marketing buck!
4) Any size sheet will work.  This one lays flat at 8.5″ x 11″ but fool around with other sizes!
5) Need a THICKER version??  Possibly as a substitute for a “REAL” pocket folder??  Well, you will need to relive the inevitable bunching of the folds which will involve a die cut.  BUT it will not need to be glued so you will save some $$$ using this style of a “folder”.  CALL me or email me at deanrickman@yahoo.com and I will show you how this is done!

Quick Quiz Question 005

Quick Quiz Question 004Q: How fast can CPC sheet paper?


A: This is an interesting question and the answer could surprise you!

CPC purchases most of their paper in huge rolls.  These rolls, most of which are FSC certified and contain 10% recycled content, can weigh over a ton

each and are trucked to us primarily from domestic paper mills in the USA (Minnesota, to be exact).  Once we have the paper in our warehouse we must “sheet” it or “convert” it to standard sizes tuned to our Heidelberg presses.  This process saves resources and costs as we do not have to rely on a paper mill to deliver boxes and boxes of paper to our facility. 

These rolls stay on our floor until they are needed and then they are fed through our Maxson paper sheeter to produce the press sheets we need in production.  Up to four rolls can be spindled on the sheeter at the same time.

So, the answer to the question is, that when every thing is running perfectly, this unit fully loaded has the ability to sheet at about thirty miles of paper paper every hour!

Quick Quiz Question 003




Q: How many resources are saved each month through CPC’s paper recycling program?

A: TONS and TONS.  Read more…

We recycle on average about 90 tons of pre consumer paper waste per month.  For each ton of paper that we recycle, we save an average of 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water.

So…on a monthly basis, we save about 1,530 trees, 34,200 gallons of oil, 120 cubic yards of landfill space, 360,000 kilowatts of energy, and 630,000 gallons of water.


Source: http://www.recyclespot.org/faqs.asp

Mohawk Options could be a great paper option for you!

Know More Right Now

About Mohawk Options

Mohawk Papers have been around for a long, long time. Many have enjoyed projects printed on their products and one of those products is their OPTIONS line.

Here are a just a FEW things you will like about this great paper:

It is available in MANY lines…from a 100% PC White to “natural” finishes.

  1. ALL of the Options papers are VERY, VERY green.
  2. Options LOOKS like a very high end uncoated finish but it PRINTS like a coated stock. In other words, we can use our highest line screens on this paper and it still has ink hold out that allows the ink to stay on the SURFACE and not soak in. This Mohawk finish is known as
  3. Inxwell and it truly performs great with inks!
  4. It is available to run on our TRADITIONAL offset presses and our DIGITAL offset press.
  5. We are getting GREAT prices on it so you can test out a boutique look sheet at nearly house sheet prices.
  6. Options is available (in certain lines) immediately…no waiting for delivery.
  7. It is available in text and cover weights.
  8. It is available in smooth and velum finishes.

I have swatch books and printed samples I can send you…just send me an email at DRickman@ColoradoPrinting.com and off they go!

Here is Mohawk’s web site for you to explore: http://www.mohawkpaper.com/paper/paper-brand-name

Have a question or need me to research something? Then please email me at DRickman@ColoradoPrinting.com or call me at 970-250-6749 and I will get back to you!