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Coffee + Paper = DISASTER (but not always!)

Do you need a paper that is resistant to water, peach juice, coffee, milk, rain, sweat, tea, watermelon, mud, ketchup, snow, tears, soap and many other liquids?  Click on this animated GIF presentation to learn more!

I know…I have talked about Ultra Green before and am committed to torturing it as often as possible.  Today it’s a spilled coffee test (click here to see how I fed my horse on this stuff this past summer).

Be so happy that this sort of product is available…next test: I am going to put some Ultra Green under water for a MONTH!  I will be dunking it in the Gunnison River and will report back!


What the heck is an Uncompahgre??

Fresh off one of our Heidelbers!  

A very nice book:

This is a book by Jeff Burch and Don Paulson and features beautiful images from the Uncompahgre (un . come . PA . gray) region and features the many peaks that are in the headwaters of the Uncompahgre River and all around Ouray, Colorado.  Many of these images are labeled and there are many great stories in the book that explain the origins of these peaks’ names.

Typical labeled page. There are ten crossover pages similar to this with accurate labels of the peaks in each vista!

The book is a 52 page, landscape, 11″ x 8.5″ perfect bound limited edition.  The cover features our soft touch aqueous finish.  The entire book is printed at Stochastic 18 Micron V-2 (375 linescreen) on our Heidleberg 8 color perfecting press.  The book is printed on our (award winning) House matte paper stock and the interior pages each have a flood aqueous coating.

Learn more about the book at Jeff’s web site, where you can also purchase your own copy!

One of many images featured in the work.